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PAG International

PAG International Pvt Ltd is a part of Shakti Group in existence since 1981 offering a wide range of designer & architectural hardware conforming to the strict quality standards with regards to product & packaging.

PAG manufactures precision products and also routinely sources material in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, to provide our customers a complete range under a single brand. Through strong supplier relationships we know who are capable of manufacturing high quality components.

Our research and development team has the ability and meticulous service with consciousness is our core strength and in the future we will further enhance the design and development to meet the needs of the general customers on the hardware products to always provide complete solutions.

Maintaining high standards with regard to the product, process & service ability is what provides us the competitive edge.

Linea Cali


The difference between a handle and a simple piece of brass arose in 1986, when we launched our products that combined both functionality and design.

We've all tried design without a soul and its awkward, just like brute functionality. We therefore chose to create handles that we ourselves would choose for our own house, handles that resist everything: wear, blows, time, thanks to innovative fixing and protection techniques such as the Zirconium Protection finish – PVD.

At the same time, we wanted our handles to be attractive, like all accessories should be. Our level of experience and manufacturing care allowed us to create shapes of all styles and using all types of material: from Rococò to Art Deco, from leather to wood, and from porcelain to Swarovski. And finally, because we wanted the best, we committed ourselves to ensuring that every handle was designed and created exclusively in Italy, in full compliance with the legislative requirements of European standards.

STANLEY Security

Stanley Security Solutions is an industry powerhouse with a global footprint that continues to build on Stanley’s pioneering design of the first automatic door. Today, Stanley Security Solutions offers a complete portfolio of automatic entrances, mechanical and electromechanical architectural hardware, electronic security systems, and healthcare solutions that provide wall-to-wall security. Stanley Security Solutions is more than just a supplier of industry-leading security products and cutting-edge technologies. Our integrated team of over 7,500 employees, 225 divisional offices, and 1,000 mobile technicians provides an unmatched level of system support and customer service by responding to your security related needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Backed by a name that is synonymous with quality and reliability, Stanley Security Solutions offers total security and total access from a single source.

Bosetti Marella

In the sector of the production of handles and accessories for furniture, BOSETTI MARELLA means new projects – technology development – guarantee for the environment – security for the person. In the sector of kitchen, classical and contemporary furniture, BOSETTI MARELLA means total quality: prototypes, samples, timeliness, product quality control, availability and flexibility towards her Customers.

In the market, BOSETTI MARELLA means research and active promotion of models and design, exporting all over the world the “MADE IN ITALY” with the support of her confident Customers and thanks to a commercial transparency. Everything is confirmed and consolidated by time and company life which certified it.‎


Grass America is a quality driven manufacturer of functional hardware and accessories. Our movement systems are first class and found in kitches, baths, and office facilities around the US. Our manufacturing facility is located in North Carolina and has distribution points located throughout the US. Our Grass team comes from all over the world with employees reaching 30 plus years of experience. Choose Grass as your reliable partner in business for functional hardware. Our people are the proof of our success.


Ferrari was founded in Lecco (Italy) in 1947 and since then the production of furniture hinges and accessories has continued. The long experience in the industry helped to develop modern products with a high level of technology. All of which are internationally patented.

Innovation dedication and enthusiasm have strongly characterized the company personality, resulting in a global growth that makes Ferrari active in over 70 countries. The fast expansion created a need to move the company a 2001 to the new headquarters in Verderio S, where Ferrari has space for the modern plants.

Ferrari directed the technologic evolution of the furniture industry starting from the piano hinge to the modern concealed hinges, expanding the product range including the lid stays, drawers, drawer slides, sliding door fittings, fitting and other furniture accessories.

Salice Paolo

Salice Paolo has always worked in the field of ' brass , initially in the production of articles for the furniture and in the last thirty years of door handles . During this evolution the initial spirit was not lost: in fact thecraftsmanship today support high-tech production systems , blending harmoniously in order to give the best of what is possible in the accuracy of quality, design and functionality. The quality of our products should not be in any case at the expense of the environment that surrounds us: Our production facility is equipped with modern systems of water purification and air and our research continues to use components that do not cause damage to health.