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1. What is the difference between PAG and other brands

Pag began its era with manufacturing hardware, further spreading its arms in the furniture fittings, door hardware and export and import of furniture hardware. Pag is one of leading brands with more than 30 stores across India offering an array of more than 15000 products to display.

2. Is PAG an affordable or an expensive brand?

PAG serves the needs of all customers - from the budget-wise middle income group to the class-seeking elite. Whether you are looking for complete renovation, or a simple design upgrade, the brand has the perfect solution for you.

3. Why don't we provide rates/prices in the catalogue?

Every product is customised as per the size, material quality and design. It is difficult to provide a price on the same. We encourage you to visit your nearest PAG showroom or you can request for the price catalouge through email enquiry.

4. Why do we charge a fee for a site visit?

PAG believes in providing a realistic picture of the kitchen design, railings and shower cubicals. We thus put in extra effort by sending our senior design Specialist for a site visit as it helps us budget and take an informed decision. Based on the size, the designer gives you design ideas and approximate budget to help you make your decision. The cost of the site visit is adjusted against the final price.

5. Does PAG offer any warranty?

PAG offers 1 year warranty on its products, as well as a maintenance service to ensure your PAG products are always in good condition.