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Installation Procedure

Improper installations or any unguided product hampering is not a responsibility of PAG. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the fitness of hardware for the intended purpose.


We recommend assessment by appropriate testing in the application and by technical enquiry to our representatives or by understanding the manual provided with the product.


Products may be sharp edged or blunt and heavy. Please handle with proper handling techniques and please keep all products away from the reach of children during or before installation.

Product Maintenance

Keep the products in good condition and avoid contact with chemicals, water, paste, dirt and abuse to increase the life of the product. Finishes treated with protective coatings quickly deteriorate if the surface is broken. To prolong the life and maintain the original beauty of the material and the finish, it is important to avoid the use of paint removing solvents, acids, ambro tapes or other strong caustic cleaning solutions Before painting doors, frames & woodwork. All hardware items should be removed and re-installed after the paint is dry.