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Complete Designer & Architectural Hardware Solutions

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About us

1) Product Warranty
We offer flawless accuracy to our products before supplying. As a symbol of high quality we present test certificates as required and provide minimum 1 year warranty on all our products.

2) Service & Availability Centres
We have the largest network of service centers& display centers all over India covering all the major cities. We are always striving to attain performance improvement and achieve higher levels customer satisfaction.

3) Collaborations
We believe in delivering the best products & service to our consumers . This has motivated us to collaborate with Indian & International companies for best in class product supplies & manufacture.
Stanley (Usa)
Salice Paolo (Uk)
Ferrari S.P.A. (Uk)
Linea Cali (Uk)
OmpPorro (Uk)
Grass (Uk)

4) Information & Training
PAG catalogues are preferred all over India by architects & Interior designers to identify options available for all their hardware needs. Detailed information for all our products is available for ease in product selection.

5) Enduring Bond
Our customers, distributors, franchisees, dealers, employees, suppliers & other stakeholders are our primary assets and our goal is to maximize returns to each one of them.

6) Consultancy
PAG offers consultancy services as well as turn key solutions for all the hardware requirement for builders, architects, consumers, professionals & government projects. It is an initiative to ensure the perfect combination of hardware fittings for the right purpose & protect consumers from vague expenditures.

PAG – The Sustainability

1) ISO Certification
PAG is a ISO 9001:2000 certified which has gained the advantage of stabilized management and process systems.

2) Product Certifications
PAG products are certified with the required test certificates and having own factories proves to enable gain certificates for any product customized or developed.

PAG v/s Competitors

Advantages to collaborate with PAG

Design Options
Complete Designs to the extent of imagination.

All kinds to suit the background

1 year guarantee on all products.

After-Sales Service
Through our network of 26 showrooms.

We manufacture in large quantites to enable us to pass on this advantage to our customers.

Space Management
Display of hardware in the minimum space utilized and solutions for home ease the movability of doors, cabinets and drawers in the best possible manner.

Reasonable & Competitive