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Established Track Record

As a franchise buyer, you become a part of a proven system of operation of PAG with products and services that have been marketed successfully. You have history to learn from and to help you predict your own future.

Faster Start Up

You have a short learning curve as a franchise owner, because you have assistance from PAG with lots of experience to draw upon in starting other new operations successfully. You and your personnel often get on-the-job instructions and technical support.

Ergonomic Display Systems

PAG has to able to facilitate almost all the hardware showrooms with the display systems. These display systems are made keeping the reusability and convenience for the hardware shopkeepers.

Less Risk

Your chances of failure are lower with a franchise operation, because of the experience, expertise, flexible credit terms and verified resources that support you in your business i.e. hardware requirements. PAG Franchises succeed at the rate of 90%.

Low Investment

Most franchisees can keep their front-end investment low, as they have to invest only in display at the initial stage. This also helps to overcome a major shortcoming of hardware business i.e. dead stock. Moreover, PAG will offer competitive prices and help you to stand on par with other established retail players in the market.

Purchasing Power

The purchasing power of franchisees can make a big difference in your costs of running business. All the requirements of products under the hardware category will be served to you under this brand i.e. around 15000 different types of product. Large buying groups can typically demand significantly lower prices on goods and services.

Sale Power

Sales can be carried on wholesale as well as the retail basis which extends the boundaries of deals.

Name Recognition and Brand Awareness

Being an established franchisee, you get the benefits that occur from marketing an established brand of products or services. With a new franchise, you can grow directly and contribute to the creation of the brand. Business picks up rapidly and is the quickest way to reach breakeven and make profits.

Business Support

As a franchisee, you will generally receive valuable ongoing business support and technical know-how including site selection, training, techniques, marketing, new technology and more. PAG will assist you in developing a business plan, learning the best ways to hire and manage personnel, and in managing your facility profitably.

Credit Facility

As a franchise, you will receive the benefit of credit of 30 days and an extended credit limit.